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Friday, May 27, 2011

Two N.C.-filmed TV pilots will continue shooting ... in L.A.

According to the reports, two television series that filmed pilots in North Carolina won't be returning to North Carolina to film regular episodes.

The StarNews of Wilmington reports ABC's "Revenge" and The CW's "Hart of Dixie" will film in the Los Angeles area.

EUE/Screen Gems Studios executive vice president Bill Vassar says the stars in the shows wanted to stay on the West Coast to be near their families. Vassar is waiting to hear about a feature film that could open production offices in Wilmington next week.

The HBO comedy series "Eastbound & Down" begins filming a third season in Wilmington in July.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick hits: One more season for 'One Tree Hill,' and Screen Gems (sorta) moves to Atlanta

Some Wilmington-area entertainment news for ya ...

An eighth and final season for 'One Tree Hill'
"It's unconfirmed, but insider rumblings have begun that the Wilmington-filmed ‘One Tree Hill' may return for an eighth -- and yes, final -- season," says the Star-News.

"E! Online and Entertainment Weekly are reporting that CW execs are 'strongly considering' giving ‘OTH' a 12-episode run. Though only a half season, it would provide the show with ample time to wrap up its storylines.

"An official announcement is expected to come at the CW's annual fall TV programming lineup on Thursday, May 20. ..."

For those that don't watch the show, last night's episode (which I can only guess is the season finale), was perhaps the most shocking season-ending episode of any show I've ever watched. And yes, I'm not ashamed to admit I watch it. Good writing; good cast; good show.

Screen Gems opens Atlanta studio for more 'urban' settings

"The North Carolina studio where such stars as Michelle Williams and Chad Michael Murray got their start is expanding to Atlanta, partially because movie companies have asked for cityscapes that Wilmington can't provide.

"EUE/Screen Gems has begun the process to lease the former Lakewood Fairgrounds in Atlanta for a new studio lot called the Georgia Film and Television Center," says the AP. ...

"EUE/Screen Gems plans to build a sound stage of up to 40,000 square feet, about the same size as Wilmington's "Dream" Stage 10 which opened a year ago, said Bill Vassar, the executive vice president of the Wilmington studio. ...

"Vassar said that movie and television producers had asked EUE/Screen Gems to consider building in Atlanta for several reasons, including that they need cityscapes for some productions. Wilmington works well for country and suburban settings, but it does not have a background that substitutes for large urban settings.

"NBC, Vassar said, had 17 pilots this year that were all based in big cities. None came to Wilmington because it could not stand in for such places as New York or Chicago. ..."

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Filming heating up in the Port City

The Wilmington area is getting busy with several new TV shows and a (not-so) new movie being filmed there.

A new TV pilot called "Playing With Guns" is slated to start filming soon. "If the show is picked up it will air on Spike TV," says the Star-News.

Danny Masterson (“That ‘70s Show”) and Joey Kern (“Cabin Fever”) will likely star in “Playing With Guns,” according to TheWrap. Its story line revolves around two high school buddies who become cops. They do the police work, but they also like the idea of getting paid to hang out, carry loaded weapons and hit on women.

We have already mentioned the as-yet-untitled medical drama from John Wells that is filming around Wilmington. But since then some new names have joined the cast, notably UNCW alum Skeet Ulrich and Sissy Spacek. As the paper's Jeff Hidek writes, having Spacek on board means that the "project’s chances of pick-up are slightly better." I would agree.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Spacek will play the cancer-stricken leader of a mobile medical team that travels around the country helping in times of emergency. Spacek will play the mother of “Twilight” actress Rachelle Lefevre’s character.

Spacek, who just wrapped a winning supporting role on “Big Love,” is the biggest name in a cast that also includes Janeane Garofalo, Skeet Ulrich, Amy Smart, Michael Beach and Jay Hernandez.

By the way, Spacek has worked here twice before, on “Marie: A True Story” in 1984 and “Crimes of the Heart” in 1986.

Ulrich will play a Harvard-educated cardiologist with a junkie ex-wife he still loves and a 6-year-old daughter.

And, finally, "Bolden" is back in the area and will begin filming in June.

"Bolden!” follows the life and times of musical legend Buddy Bolden, who turned the New Orleans music scene upside down with his loud, often improvisational cornet style that would later be known as jazz.

The movie filmed in the Wilmington area from March through September 2007 and gained notoriety in the local film community for its elaborate sets and costuming. The movie is rumored to have cost $10 million. Writer/Director Dan Pritzker was reported by Forbes magazine to be worth $1.7 billion in hotels and investments.

Notable cast and crew include Anthony Mackie, Jackie Earle Haley, Omar Gooding and executive producer Wynton Marsalis. No word yet on if any of the main cast members will be back in town.

While “Bolden!” was filming, the cast and crew also simultaneously made a silent film called “The Great Observer,” which focuses on Louis Armstrong's role in jazz history. It's still listed as being in production.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Garofalo, Smart to star in Wilmington medical drama

One Tree Hill won't be the only game in town in Wilmington for long. CBS' Untitled Medical Drama will start shooting at EUE/Screen Gems studios this month. The pilot is scheduled to shoot in the Port city for about three weeks. Then, it will be considered for pick up. New series are usually announced around the second week of May.

“This is great news for workers and the economy in the Southeastern part of the state,” said Governor Beverly Perdue. “This project will bring hundreds of jobs and much-needed revenue over the next few months and it is exactly what we expected once we were able to make North Carolina more competitive through an increased film tax credit.”

The ensemble drama from executive producer John Wells (“ER,” “Southland”) chronicles the travels of a mobile medical team that helps in medical crises around the country. The show's writer is Hannah Shakespeare (“Ghost Whisperer” and the 2007 “Bionic Woman” series).

“Twilight” actress Rachelle Lefevre is set to play the lead, a young and competent doctor. Actress Amy Smart also is attatched.

It was also announced that Janeane Garofalo is signed up. She will play "'Angel," the chief nurse and operations manager.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

All the world's a stage. But this one in Wilmington is pretty darn big!

Wilmington's EUE/Scren Gems Studios unveiled its new Stage 10 on Monday, a 37,500-square foot facility complete with 50-by-50-by-6-foot water tank for shooting "picture shows."

"Imagine an epic battle raging off 23rd Street. On one side, water monsters. On the other, people just trying to defend their lawns," says the Star-News.

"The stage can be split into two regular-size studios equipped with everything crews need to work independently. ...

"Also, Stage 10 can simulate day, night, wind, storms and fog, and has a 50-by-50-by-6-foot water tank carved in its belly. On Monday, movie lights backlit the stream feeding the tank, its water glistening against grounds that locals hope won't be bare for long. No productions are scheduled to film there yet, but Vassar said he's gotten inquiries from 12 to 15 production companies. ..."

The water tank is reportedly the third largest one in the North America for shooting underwater scenes.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quick hits: Plans for Screen Gems and screen legend stamp move ahead

Screen Gems makes plan for 'dream stage'
"EUE Screen Gems Studios officially announced Tuesday the building of the East Coast's largest film and television production stage," said the Wilmington Star-News.

"Some news of the construction was reported two months ago, but this was the company's first official detailed announcement about the Wilmington project.

" 'We've submitted the plans, applied for permits, begun preliminary clearing and ordered materials. This is our dream stage,' said Chris Cooney, COO and president of EUE Screen Gems Ltd., in a press release.

"Completion of the new 'dream stage' is expected by early spring 2009. It will be a column-less 37,500-square-foot expanse with a grid height of 45 feet and dimensions of 150 feet by 250 feet. The building's footprint will take up 39,005 square feet.

"The stage will include a 60- by 60-foot indoor tank with a depth of 10.5 feet, making it one of the largest and deepest indoor production tanks in North America. Depth creates more opportunities for underwater filming. ..."

Plans for Ava Gardner stamp moving head
"U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge announced today that a U.S. Postal Service committee is considering an Ava Gardner commemorative postage stamp," according to the News & Observer.

" 'Ava Gardner was a big-time star who never forgot her small-town North Carolina roots,' he said. 'In addition to being a world-famous actress, she was a patriot who performed for our troops and she worked tirelessly in the fight against cancer.'

"Gardner, who died in 1990, was a native of Johnston County.

"The postal service has a 'citizen’s stamp advisory committee' that reviews recommendations for commemorative stamps and makes recommendations to the postmaster general.

"If approved by the committee, the stamp would not be available until at least 2010. ..."