Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quick hits: Plans for Screen Gems and screen legend stamp move ahead

Screen Gems makes plan for 'dream stage'
"EUE Screen Gems Studios officially announced Tuesday the building of the East Coast's largest film and television production stage," said the Wilmington Star-News.

"Some news of the construction was reported two months ago, but this was the company's first official detailed announcement about the Wilmington project.

" 'We've submitted the plans, applied for permits, begun preliminary clearing and ordered materials. This is our dream stage,' said Chris Cooney, COO and president of EUE Screen Gems Ltd., in a press release.

"Completion of the new 'dream stage' is expected by early spring 2009. It will be a column-less 37,500-square-foot expanse with a grid height of 45 feet and dimensions of 150 feet by 250 feet. The building's footprint will take up 39,005 square feet.

"The stage will include a 60- by 60-foot indoor tank with a depth of 10.5 feet, making it one of the largest and deepest indoor production tanks in North America. Depth creates more opportunities for underwater filming. ..."

Plans for Ava Gardner stamp moving head
"U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge announced today that a U.S. Postal Service committee is considering an Ava Gardner commemorative postage stamp," according to the News & Observer.

" 'Ava Gardner was a big-time star who never forgot her small-town North Carolina roots,' he said. 'In addition to being a world-famous actress, she was a patriot who performed for our troops and she worked tirelessly in the fight against cancer.'

"Gardner, who died in 1990, was a native of Johnston County.

"The postal service has a 'citizen’s stamp advisory committee' that reviews recommendations for commemorative stamps and makes recommendations to the postmaster general.

"If approved by the committee, the stamp would not be available until at least 2010. ..."

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