Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This is what you've been missing

As noted, a lot of the focus here has shifted to our Facebook page. (Like us today, please!) The fact of the matter, it's just faster to post items there than it has been here of late That's not to say we'll never update the blog again, it's just that it won't be as often.

If you have not liked us on Facebook yet, this is a sample of what you've missed over the past couple of weeks:

Fox News fails geography, uses really bad map of North Carolina

N.C. leaders, friends remember Bill Friday

Some "spooky" N.C. articles

North Carolina has a literary map

Hooray! N.C. has nation's top business climate

Happy birthday to past president Jimmy Polk

... and to Billy Graham!

And nothing quite closes out 2012 like discussion about a New Year's Eve party ... involving a possum ... and a lawsuit.

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