Thursday, September 13, 2012

Check us out on the Facebook

Yes, I said the Facebook. So sue me.

Anyhoo, you've probably noticed a lack of posts of late. That's primarily because, frankly, due to work obligations, yours truly just doesn't have as much time to come up with clever, creative, witty things to say about our beautiful state. Actually, scratch that. I DO have some time, just not as much. Because of that, most of what I am coming across these days are winding up on our Facebook group page. (Oh, you didn't know the Society had a Facebook page? Well  you do now.)

Go sign up today ( ) and follow us on Facebook. While you may not get daily updates regarding the Old North State, I can guarantee that they will be more frequent than, well, since July.

Thanks again for reading! And I do hope/promise to post more to the blog soon.

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