Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What are N.C.'s top 10 natural wonders?

You've probably read about it by now, but Land for Tomorrow is hoping that people will vote on just what are the top 10 natural wonders in our great state. There are just a couple more days to vote.

North Carolina is a "state is full of natural wonders." However, "settling on a list of its most beautiful places is not so easy."

“We were trying to think of a fun way to get people involved in highlighting how important conservation is to them,” said Debbie Crane, of Land for Tomorrow, a statewide coalition working to preserve the state's natural resources and urging legislators to fund conservation. “People need to understand that the places they love, they don't just get saved on their own.”

Residents have until Thursday to nominate any landscape, natural feature, wildlife or plant life unique to North Carolina for consideration in the contest. More than 600 nominations have already been submitted.

There are some obvious front-runners: Grandfather Mountain; Jockeys Ridge; Linville Gorge; Pilot Mountain; the Blue Ridge Parkway; etc. But if "unique" plants and animals are options, that could allow for voting for things such as the Venus Fly Trap or the famous white squirrels of Brevard. The results are expected to be released May 18. Go here to vote.

Happy voting!

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