Monday, May 03, 2010

The drought may be coming back

Here in Raleigh, it's hard to believe that the dreaded "D word" could even be a possibility, having just gone through a very snowy (for us, at least) winter coupled with quite a bit of rain over the past month or so.

Well, apparently it hasn't been enough rain. Some twenty-six N.C. counties are unusually dry, according to experts, meaning that we may be headed into drought time -- especially since spring has been unseasonably warm. (It was well into the 90s yesterday in the Capital City.)

From the AP: "Unusually dry weather has returned to portions of central and southeastern North Carolina, which has experts on the lookout for possible drought conditions.

"A lack of significant rain has created what's known as abnormally dry conditions in 26 counties stretching from Wilmington to parts of the Triangle and Triad.

"That's the first time since early December that any part of North Carolina has experienced dry conditions.

"That doesn't mean there's a drought yet, but the state's Drought Management Advisory Council is meeting weekly to keep an eye on the situation."

Is it too early for rain dances, y'all?

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