Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More hard times for (the park formerly known as) Hard Rock Park

Despite not technically being in North Carolina, we have followed the ups and downs (mostly downs) of the Myrtle Beach-based Hard Rock Park/Freestyle Park -- for no other reason than we know a number of North Carolinians vacation in the "Redneck Riviera."

Well, the park may not open anytime soon.

"An attorney representing Freestyle Amusement Park on the South Carolina coast said Monday the operators of the park have no current plans to reopen this summer," says the Associated Press.

"There are currently no plans to reopen for 2010, however they are in negotiations still with several investors and that's subject to change if something were to happen with the investors," said attorney David Slough.

The financially troubled park in Myrtle Beach was to have reopened earlier this month. Last month, Freestyle closed its business offices and laid off about 30 workers. ...

Freestyle opened last Memorial Day weekend after buying Hard Rock Park out of bankruptcy and reworking some of the rides and themes.

The 55-acre Hard Rock opened in 2008, but closed after a single season. The $400 million park was the biggest single investment in South Carolina tourism.

Freestyle Amusement Park faces a Thursday deadline to pay off a $570,000 debt it inherited when it bought Hard Rock. ...

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