Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quick hits: Ferry to Shackleford & a perfect storm hits MB park

Group wants input on sites for Shackleford Banks ferry
"Cape Lookout National Seashore is looking for a base of operations for ferry service to Shackleford Banks and wants the public’s input on potential sites in Beaufort and Morehead City," said the Daily News.

"The two towns offer the shortest ferry ride to Shackleford Banks, and the park service is studying potential departure sites for a single base of operations in the area, said Cape Lookout Management Assistant Wouter Ketel.

"A public meeting is set for Wednesday as part of an environmental assessment now under way.

"Ketel said the information will provide the public with information on possible sites already identified and also gather their input on those sites and any other ideas they may have. ..."

Myrtle Beach park hit by 'perfect storm'
"Freestyle Music Park, the successor of bankrupt Hard Rock Park, had a sub-par debut summer, but the park will survive, officials say.

" 'Overall, I’m real happy and proud of this summer,' said Steve Baker, president of FPI MB Entertainment, which bought the park out of bankruptcy in February.

" 'We got the park open. The park looks great, the employees are outstanding, and the guest reviews have been terrific. The results of the park are not what we wanted, but I don’t think we understood the economy like it was going to be,' " he told the Sun News.

"Unlike its predecessor, Freestyle is finishing its first summer without a threat of bankruptcy, but it wasn’t a financial home run. Several firms have filed lawsuits against the park to receive payment for services, and much of the summer was marked by deep discounting to attract thrill-seekers. ..."

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