Monday, December 28, 2009

What will you be dropping (or raising) this New Year's?

New York has perhaps the most famous "dropping" on New Year's Eve when the Big Apple descends on, well, the Big Apple. But what other things get dropped across North Carolina on New Year's?

Here in Raleigh, we are quite proud of our giant acorn.

Mount Olive drops a pickle while Carolina Beach -- appropriately enough -- drops a beach ball.

They like to shoot in the air in Cherryville.

Charlotte will be trying something new this year. The Queen City's First Night event will climax with the raising -- yes, raising -- of a crown.

[T]he Queen's lighted crown will be hoisted 25 feet just before midnight Thursday to part the curtain on the new year [says the Charlotte Observer].

"We like the symbolism of hope's rising," said Moira Quinn, spokeswoman for Charlotte Center City Partners, the organization producing the festivities. "It's the rising of a new year, and shutting the door on a year that was tough on a lot of people."

So what about your city or town? How will you ring in the new year?

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