Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick hits: A 'good year' projected for N.C. films, and how far away is Barstow?

'Good year' seen for local film industry
"Two statements earned spontaneous applause during the Cucalorus Film Festival State of the State address Thursday at Thalian Hall[ according to the Star-News].

"Both came from EUE/Screen Gems Executive Vice President Bill Vassar. The first put into words what most of the 100 or so people there have been hoping for since the 25 percent film incentives bill was passed in the spring by the N.C. General Assembly.

" 'We’re going to have a good year next year,' Vassar said. ...

"An audience member wanted to know if Wilmington or North Carolina in general could ever compete with Hollywood.

"Tenney replied with a simple, 'Yes.' He said his business, Southern Gothic Productions, has already proven this. It is an independent film company that has raised money in North Carolina, produced scripts by local writers, used local actors and employed local crew. ..."

'Barstow, Calif. 2,554' sign stolen, won't be replaced

"Want to know how far it is from the eastern end of Interstate 40 in North Carolina to the western end in California? Punch it into your GPS or try MapQuest.

"The Star-News of Wilmington reported today a popular sign showing the distance between Wilmington and the end of I-40 in Barstow, Calif., has been stolen for at least the fourth time — and the last.

"State transportation engineer Joe Chance says with the repeated thefts, there won't be another sign reading 'Barstow, Calif. 2,554.' ..."

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James C. said...

It was gone earlier this fall when we were leaving Wilmington. I remarked to my wife that I didn't see the sign...apparently for good reason.

That sucks. They should make a really large, brick-and-mortar version and make it a landmark.