Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Battleship N.C. featured on 'Ghost Hunters Academy'

Tune into the SyFy channel tonight at 10 for "Ghost Hunters Academy," which will devote an episode to supposed hauntings on-board the USS North Carolina in Wilmington.

"Ten sailors died in action aboard the North Carolina during World War II. For decades, visitors have reported strange phenomena aboard the vessel, including hatches opening and closing and strange noises. Many of the tales were collected by longtime caretaker Danny Bradshaw in his book, 'Ghosts of the Battleship North Carolina,' available at the memorial's gift shop," according to the Star-News.

In addition, visitors (as well as Bradshaw) have "seen the figure of a blonde man in passageways. Another figure sometimes appears in portholes. Doors and hatches open and close without explanation, and paranormal research groups report recording electronic voice phenomena (EVPs)," according to

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