Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No more 'Earl' but 'OTH' renewed

NBC's "My Name is Earl" has reportedly been canceled, meaning no more TV presence (for now) for Kinston's Jaime Pressly.

It's been reported before that the idea for the show "just came" to creator Greg Garcia several years ago while he was vacationing on the Outer Banks. stated that "Earl" is co-produced and co-written by Raleigh native Bobby Bowman, so it's a double boo-hoo for the Wolfpack State.

In other N.C. TV news, "One Tree Hill" has reportedly been renewed; however, a couple of the main stars (not going to give it away) will not be back.

In addition, NBC has renewed "Parks and Recreation," which features Asheville native Paul Schneider as Mark Brendanawicz.


Kevin Brewer said...

At its best, "Earl" lampooned white trash culture while also honoring it. The show got away with a lot of gross-out humor and sexual innuendo -- all of it funny -- in part because its "do unto others" and "make things right" theme was endorsed by numerous religious organizations. Jason Lee was likeable, Jaime Pressly outrageous, and the first season was brilliant.

Pressly was twice nominated for an Emmy and won once.

M. Lail said...

Great insight. I'll miss the writing and the characters. But this was a show probably built for just a couple of seasons.