Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ghost Town rescued

There may be hope after all for the embattled Ghost Town in the Sky amusement park.

Just a few days before Ghost Town in the Sky was set to open for the season, things weren't looking good for the beleaguered amusement park.Despite development of a multimillion-dollar strategic plan, town leaders balked at providing taxpayer money to help the troubled park get through another year of the recession.

But then Steve Shiver received a surprise birthday present [says the Citizen-Times].

Just when it appeared obvious the 43-year-old president and CEO of Ghost Town in the Sky was not going to receive the $200,000 short-term loan he requested from the town of Maggie Valley, an anonymous investor came forward and offered to provide the money.

“It was a wonderful birthday present,” Shiver said. “I was overwhelmed but extremely humbled.” ...

Shiver on Tuesday would not disclose how much money the investor pledged to the park, only saying that it was “enough.”

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