Monday, April 13, 2009

Who knew? (N.C.-related oval stickers)

The other day, our sister blog,, took a look at some Raleigh/Triangle-related European, oval-shaped auto decals (ie: RDU, RAL, APX, etc.). You can check that out here.

The site that got the discussion going was -- a cornucopia of these decals. This site has tons of North Carolina-related stickers. Apparently, the fad is so popular in the Old North State that there's even a section just for N.C. towns.

Naturally, the larger cities and towns have their share of stickers. But I must admit, though you see these stickers everywhere now, there were several I had A) never seen or B) thought I would ever see.

I'm a native of this fine state, but I've never heard of Clarks Cove (CLX).

I'm impressed with the cleverness of Ellerbe's sticker ...

... same with Moncure's.

And my buddy from Ruffin was shocked to see this one.

"I bet they're selling tons of those," he quipped.

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