Thursday, April 16, 2009

CB council agrees ... amusement rides would rock

Sorry for the lack of posts. It's been a slow week ... "been" being the operative word.

From the Star-News ...

Carnival rides are coming back to Carolina Beach.

Late Tuesday the town council unanimously approved a conditional-use permit allowing Megerle’s Magic and Hildebrand Rides to operate rides, food stands and games for four months starting in May.

The rides will be set up in empty lots on the south side of the town’s Boardwalk near the Courtyard Marriott hotel. ...

Councilman Alan Gilbert on Wednesday said he was concerned about the carnival draining food and amusement business away from the town’s “brick and mortar” retailers in and around the Boardwalk.

“But my hope is that they will draw so many more people down there that it will be a win-win for everyone,” he said.

Pleasure Island has been without amusement rides since Jubilee Park closed down in 2004.

Among the proposed rides is a 60-feet-tall ferris wheel, overlooking the Atlantic. Nice.

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