Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Take the state parks survey

Joe Miller posted on his blog that the N.C. state parks system is seeking feedback.

"Ever complained because a campground wasn't up to snuff? Groused that a hiking trail needed repair? Kvetched over a dearth of recreational opportunities?" he writes. "Think we need more trails to avoid traffic jams such as this one at Eno River State Park (OK, it was during the annual Eno River Association New Year's Day Hike)? Take the State Parks survey and make your voice heard.

"If you've ever done that at a state park, then here's your chance to direct that complaint in the right direction. The N.C. Division of State Parks and Recreation is opening their suggestion box in the form of an online survey. Go to their Web site, click on 'State Park Survey' under 'Items of Interest' in the column on the left, and spend about five minutes rating what you think works and what doesn't and indicating what you'd like to see more of. ..."

The survey will close on Friday, November 7, 2008.

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