Thursday, August 21, 2008

OBX set to be the real star of 'Rodanthe'

Early reviews of the Nicholas Sparks-penned movie, "Nights in Rodanthe" have concluded that the real star of the movie is not Richard Gere or Diane Lane but the North Carolina coast itself.

On September 24 in Kill Devil Hills, the behind-the-scenes folks who worked on the movie -- which is set on the Outer Banks -- will get to see a screening of the movie. The next night, people in Wilmington will do the same.

The movie is based on the novel by Sparks, who lives in New Bern, and focuses on a relationship that develops when Gere's character visits an inn that Lane's character is caring for during a nor'easter," says the AP. A real nor'easter that later became Subtropical Storm Andrea developed during filming in May 2007.

In an interview last month, Sparks said the movie shows off North Carolina's coast.

"There are these scenes in Rodanthe, and you just get the wind-swept, austere beauty of the Outer Banks," he said. "It's co-mingled with a story that I'm proud to have written and that translated well to film."

Carolyn McCormick, managing director of the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, told the media she is working with Warner Bros. "for promotions such as a free stay on Hatteras Island and hopes to market the area abroad, where the bureau typically couldn't afford such promotions. In addition, the movie is targeted to women ages 40 and older, the same target market for the bureau, she said.

" 'They hit our target market, they showcase our incredible island' and it will show in international markets 'that we can't afford to be in on our own,' she said. 'And the title is Nights in Rodanthe. It couldn't get much better than that.' ..."

(Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.)

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