Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dunn-born DMB member Moore dies unexpectedly

In sad news, Dave Matthews Band saxophonist LeRoi Moore, a founding member of the band, died unexpectedly on Tuesday from complications stemming from injuries he sustained in an ATV accident, the band's publicist told the media.

"Moore was taken to Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, and had been rehabilitating at his L.A. home after the June 30 accident at his farm outside Charlottesville, Virginia."

I remember hearing/reading years ago that Moore was originally from North Carolina. I had no idea that he was actually born in my hometown of Dunn, N.C. Which means he can be added to the wonderfully eclectic mix of "I had no idea _____ was from Dunn!" list which includes "Father of the Airborne" William C. Lee and guitar great Link Wray, the Father of the Power Chord. (Also of note, I'll add, is that Jack Kerouak wrote about his brief hot dog-filled visit to Dunn in On The Road.)

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