Thursday, July 10, 2008

New site designed to help N.C. film industry

The North Carolina Film Office is revamping its website, director Aaron Syrett said, to make it easier for the film industry to learn about the state. The site also should make it easier for locals to find film-related jobs.

Syrett said his group wants to become more "friendly to Hollywood."

The new site, which should be online by August, will feature a list of locations that may appeal to film executives and a directory of industry professionals and their resumes. The site will also "enable the central office to present one package of locations to a producer rather than delegate those duties to the five regional film commissions across the state."

North Carolina has quite a solid history of making movies. Some famous flicks shot in the state include "Bull Durham," "Last of the Mohicans," "Firestarter," "Nell" and parts of "Forrest Gump.

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