Thursday, September 06, 2018

Scott McCreery: The savior of beach music?

About a year and a half ago, we discussed right here the question of, "Are we losing beach music?"  The conversation came from some discussions via social media.
As one person commented on Facebook, "My big thing is how much all this great stuff has faded into history. The new generation needs to be educated. How about we form a 'Beach Music Revival Society?' "
Well, maybe Garner's Scotty McCreery could be the Head Moose of this Club. After all, his song, "Barefootin'," is now No. 1 on the beach music charts. (Sadly, I was not aware there was even still a beach music chart!)

According to the News & Observer/Charlotte Observer, the song is top o' the charts even though it's not even a single.

But the song has picked up enough spins from reporting Association of Carolina Shag Clubs venues and deejays across the Mid-Atlantic to hit the top.

It’s a song McCreery actually co-wrote three years ago, after telling co-writer David Lee Murphy that he wanted to do a song in the supper-club-soul style of beach, complete with optimal shag tempo and horns.
Kudos to McCreery for "getting it" and showing some love for his North Carolina roots, something he talked to the paper about.

“Outside of North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia, people do not know about beach music,” McCreery said in a News & Observer interview earlier this year. “I’m excited to maybe put beach music on more of a national scale because it’s such a regional thing.”

“Barefootin’” will probably be in the setlist the next time McCreery performs a hometown show, Jan. 19 at the Ritz in Raleigh. But that actually won’t be his first time doing beach music on a stage.
“I used to see Band of Oz playing down at the beach,” McCreery said. “I even sang with them at Topsail Beach one night. I was in the crowd and one of their daughters brought me up. I think we did their version of ‘Wagon Wheel.’”

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djmanton said...

Love this Song

Donna Shoaf said...

Scotty can revive it if anyone can! People across the pond were even asking about this shaggin' in the sand. LOL Means Something different to them but now they know about beach music in the Carolinas!

Alfred Winn said...

awesome Scotty!love the song