Tuesday, January 23, 2018

What would be worth fighting for today?

I absolutely love how Our State magazine republishes and re-posts some of its past articles. Even for a Carolinaphile* like myself, I'm constantly learning new things. For instance, earlier this week, Our State promoted a 2016 article by the great Philip Gerard on an interesting footnote of history, something he called The Great Oyster War.

Now, it wasn't exactly a full-scale war. More of a "skirmish," if anything. Writes Gerard:
As wars go, it was a minor affair, pitting a few hundred off-islanders against a small, determined band of about 40 Ocracokers. But the stakes were as high as they get: control of precious watery territory, defense of a community’s livelihood, and the preservation of an endangered fishery.

It began with a government survey, quickly escalated into piracy and an attempted murder in broad daylight on the streets of New Bern — and ended as a footnote in history, most recently recorded in the Ocracoke Island Journal.

Please read the rest of this fascinating story. It's a great snapshot into how folks react when their livelihood is threatened. Also, how does one become the modern Oyster Commissioner? I totally want that gig.

But this got me thinking: is there a modern equivalent of something that would lead Tar Heels to stand their ground and take up arms against outsiders who are infringing on a way of life?

My first inclination was over barbecue, but even within the state there is a passionate yet respectful rivalry that is East-West centered rather than North-South. (It's a very civil Civil War, if you will. Plus, we all can agree that Eastern or Lexington is superior to South Carolina 'cue.)

Here are some other topics that could lead to an uprising, in no particular order:
  • Taking away our "First in Flight" designation. (Looking at you, Ohio.)
  • Federal mandate that bans The Shag as being "too risque"
  • The Quebecois coming down to take our hockey team
  • A "reboot" of the "Andy Griffith Show"
  • Moving the ACC Tournament to some northern place like New York City. (Oh, wait ....)

What else?

*I may have just made up a term. 

Image courtesy of Carolinafishmarket.com


Anonymous said...

How about a federal law that designates soft drinks as "soda" or "pop?" that would drive the "Col'cola Mafia" nuts!

Anonymous said...

I'd go to war over someone telling me I can't put mayonnaise on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Just saying.