Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Finish this sentence: You can't call N.C. home if you haven't ...

This was an actual request I got from a friend the other day.

"Finish this sentence: You can't call North Carolina home if you haven't ..."

My immediate, gut reaction was to answer with a place that you must visit. The next thought was that it has to be somewhere unique to the state.

"Visit Jockeys Ridge," was my answer. (I do think that's a good one.)

My second answer was Grandfather Mountain.

But it's such a good question, and one that's open to all sorts of interpretation. Instead of just focusing on locations, perhaps it's actual ACTIVITIES that are required of North Carolinians in order to earn (or keep) their N.C. ID cards. These could be things like:

Attended an ACC basketball game.

Hiked to the top of Mount Mitchell.

Visited Old Salem.

Hit the slopes.

And so on.

So, what would YOU say is the answer to this great question?

Jockeys Ridge photo from Our State. Grandfather Mountain image from