Tuesday, April 14, 2015

American Aquarium works the state toast into one of their songs

Raleigh alt-country band American Aquarium has never shied away from promoting its hometown or home state. (Heck, they give the Avett Brothers a run for their money!) Here are just a few song titles from their catalog ...

  • "Reidsville"
  • "Cape Fear River"
  • "Jacksonville"
  • "Clark Avenue"

... just to name a few. They even name-drop Slim's bar in downtown Raleigh.

The band recently wowed audiences at SXSW with tunes from their new album, "Wolves." (The title track even has a chorus inspired by former N.C. State basketball player Julius Hodge.)  The new album even has a song called "The Old North State." (Not to be confused with the official state song, "The Old North State Forever.") The new tune from AA includes the state toast as part of the chorus.

Enjoy this tribute to North Carolina!