Monday, January 06, 2014

Heavenly North Carolina

Back before Halloween, we piggy-backed on the work of Jonathan Hull, who compiled an interesting map that showcases "devilish" or "hellish"  places through the United States.  Here in North Carolina, we can chuckle at place names such as Kill Devil Hills or Seven Devils or even Hell Swamp.

Well, Hull is at it again. He put together a map (aimed at the Christmas holiday season) to capture the "Heavenly" or even "Christmasy" places throughout the country. Again, N.C. shows up strong, according to The Atlantic Cities.

Hull has now release a map "of place names inspired by all things heavenly -- from New York's Christmas Knob to Illinois's Christian County to North Carolina's Holy Ghost Drive."

A quick zoom in of Hull's map shows the following in our fair state:
  • Eden
  • Edenton
  • Edenhouse Point
  • Santa Claus Lane
  • St Clair Creek
  • Angel Ridge
  • Temple Terrace Lake
  • God's Blue Bird Lane
  • Heaven's Door
  • St Pauls
  • St Andrew's College Lake
  • And several more, I'm sure.

BTW, here is a shot (via The Atlantic Cities) of Holy Ghost Drive, right here in North Carolina.

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