Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick hits: N.C. leads nation in copperhead bites, and here comes the drought (again)!

Watch out for that snake!

"North Carolina leads the country in copperhead snake bites, according to Carolinas Poison Center.

"Five venomous snakes call North Carolina home, including copperhead, cottonmouth, eastern diamondback, pygmy, and timber, but it's the copperhead snake that causes the most bites," says NBC 17.

"According to CPC, in 2009, almost 500 snake bites were reported. Of those, 228 were identified as copperhead bites. ..."

13 counties upgraded to moderate drought

"13 counties have received upgraded drought status in the U.S. Drought's Monitor's weekly report, while another eight have escaped abnormally dry status," says the N&O.

"Phil Badgett, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Raleigh, said nine counties were upgraded to moderate drought status. These were Caswell, Pitt, Lenoir, Greene, Granville, Nash, Wayne and Person counties.

"Four counties, he added, were upgraded to severe drought status. These were Hartfield, Halifax, Warren and Northampton counties. ..."

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