Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick hits: N.C. AP test scores up, solid waste down

N.C. students' AP test scores beat U.S. average

"More than 17 percent of the state's 2009 high school graduates scored a 3 or higher on at least one Advanced Placement exam, outpacing the percentage of students nationally who performed that well," says the News & Observer.

"Across the country, 15.9 percent of students scored at least a 3 on a test in which 5 is the highest score.

"AP tests are a gauge of how many students take challenging courses in high school. Colleges and universities routinely offer students college credit for AP courses on which they receive a score of 3 or higher. White students are overrepresented among AP test-takers, while black students are underrepresented, say data released Wednesday by the College Board. ..."

Landfills down, recycling up
"Want some good news generated by the recession? When the economy shrinks, so apparently does the amount of waste put into public landfills," says The (Shelby) Star.

"People disposed of less solid waste in North Carolina landfills last year than any previous year in nearly two decades.

"On the other hand, residents recycled more glass, plastic and aluminum containers than in any previous fiscal year. ..."

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