Monday, November 30, 2009

Parkway aims to save vistas

From the Citizen-Times:

Private development is eating away at the Blue Ridge Parkway's biggest asset, and parkway managers say their ability to do anything about it is limited.

Surveys show that long-range scenic views are the main reason people visit the parkway — and they are not coming to see trophy homes on ridge tops.

Standing at the parkway's Bad Fork Overlook near Bent Creek Gap southwest of Asheville, Hendersonville resident Henry Simmons said recently he visits the parkway “just to see the sights, to see the way the overlooks look at different times of the day.”

Much of the land along the parkway “is already developing,” Simmons said. “At some of the lookouts, you can just see the difference.”

The rapid escalation of home prices and home construction that Western North Carolina saw during most of this decade has brought more large homes to areas easily seen from the parkway. ...


Nocturnal Queen said...

I hope they can stop the building. The Parkway is too great a treasure to be ruined by houses and other buildings. Keep it natural and beautiful.

M. Lail said...

Queen, amen to that. It's one thing for the foliage to block the views, but there are few things worse than a great mountain view hampered by an ugly mcmansion.