Monday, September 21, 2009

What if East Carolina really WAS a state?

It was hard not to chuckle at this Onion article last week. (Note: This is a sarcastic -- as in NOT REAL -- publication.)

At a press conference Monday, Jaguars quarterback and East Carolina University alum David Garrard indicated through certain statements to reporters that "East Carolina" is one of the 50 United States. "I can say without hesitation that it is definitely my favorite of all the Carolinas," said the former ECU Pirate, who, when pressed, identified the imaginary commonwealth's capital as Greenville and its state bird as the red-necked grebe.

Garrard is "quoted" as saying that he feels pride in crossing the border between North and East Carolina and that Barrack Obama carried the fictional E.C. in the last presidential election, proving that it is a progressive state.

I thought about this for a second: what if E.C. really was its own state? Of course, this has been tried before, to no success, way out west. Oh, and no one really even remembers that.

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