Friday, July 17, 2009

Wanna compare cost of living between, say, Burlington and L.A? Now you can!

Thanks to the folks at the Center for Carolina Living, I am now aware of's Cost of Living comparison calculator, which can be found here.

Thinking of moving to the Left Coast but not sure if your Alamance County lifestyle will be drastically impaired? Well, compare and find out.

(In case you're interested, someone living in Burlington and making $50,000 a year would need to find a job making $73,000 just to enjoy the comparable lifestyle in Los Angeles -- a 47-percent increase. After all, movies cost $3.54 more in "Hollyweird" than they do in Burlington.)

Some of the comparisons may surprise. For instance, someone (still making $50,000 a year) in Raleigh could actually take a 5-percent decrease in income and still maintain the same standard of living in Atlanta, but that same person would only be able to accept a 3.79-percent decrease to enjoy the same life ... in Akron.

Note: We have absolutely nothing against Burlington, L.A. or Akron. Just randomly chose them as examples.

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