Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A state sport? State neckwear?

The subject of state symbols is a popular one here at the Society. North Carolina has some good ones (see the link to the state symbols on the right side of this blog):

-Reptile: Eastern Box Turtle
-Shell: Scotch Bonnet
-Tartan: Carolina Tartan
-and many more.

And seemingly every year there are discussions about adding to that illustrious list. A state amphibian? Maybe.

But what about a state sport? In Maryland it is apparently jousting. Yes, you read that right. Jousting. What would North Carolina's state sport be? Racing? Basketball? Golf? Fishing?

And the good folks in Arizona can claim the bolo tie as the official state neckwear. What would ours be? I'd vote for a bowtie.

Oh, and Washington state can claim the Triceratops as the state dinosaur. Maybe the "Terror of the South," the Acrocanthosaurus could be ours?

Any other state symbols you'd like to see North Carolina adopt?

(Bolo tie from Wikipedia; Acro image from the NC Museum of Natural Sciences website)

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Anonymous said...

The official neck wear thing is touchy. In Raleigh, I'd say it's the bowtie. In Asheville, it's a red bandana. In Wilmington, none.