Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Best place to retire in the South? Why, North Carolina, of course!

Ideal Living has released its list of the top places in the South to retire, and of North Carolina regions stake the claim in two of the top five, including the top one. Nice.

"Based on our reader surveys, we know that the 'lifestyle' is what you desire most," says the site. "Active year-round outdoor activities, small-town flare with big city access, a sense of community, golf, boating, abundant walking trails and more."

Taking readers feedback, Ideal Living ranked the N.C. coast No. 1.

"Consistently ranked in the top 5 US retirement destinations, the North Carolina Coast is home to Wilmington, New Bern, Cape Hatteras, The Albemarle Sound region and more." They recommend "checking out" Waterside at The Point near New Bern, Compass Pointe and River Landing, both in Wilmingon.

Following the N.C. coast were the Florida and South Cackalacky coasts, respectively, then the Tennessee mountains and, finally at No. 5, the North Carolina mountains.

"Rounding out our top 5, the NC Mountains have gained extreme popularity over the past 5 years, primarily for the national attention Asheville, NC has received as a retirement destination. But if you take a step outside of the mainframe, you’ll discover a lot more to explore in quaint mountain villages."

(Coastal photo by Kelly Capps)


James C. said...

Shhhhhhhhh! Dangit, Matt, you know better than broadcasting this kind of stuff for all to see! They got computers up north too, you know!


M. Lail said...

They also have higher taxes (for now), which is why they'll keep coming. ;)