Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The 8th Grade N.C. County Challenge

If you grew up in North Carolina and attended public middle school here, then you no doubt remember having to memorize all 100 N.C. counties in eighth grade. Well, every now and then, in my attempt to ward off the loss of memory as I get older, I take pen to paper and attempt to see if I can remember all 100 of them.

The first time I tried it I think a couple of years ago, I got about 68 correct. The next time was about 75. I'm proud(?) to say that with my most recent attempt I correctly remembered 81 of them. Mr. Bradham would be so proud -- I think.

Having grown up in Eastern N.C., it shouldn't shock me that I missed mostly those in the "State of Franklin" areas of North Carolina, our westernmost counties. (Still, I'm disappointed I didn't do better with those; my dad's "people" are mostly mountain folk.)

So, how would you do if you took half an hour and tried the "8th Grade 100 County Challenge?" Think you could top my 81? Could you nail all 100? Maybe it would be tough to get past 40?

Try it and report back here afterward.


A.E. Jimmy said...

Crap. I got to 56. The darn Northeastern counties (the ones with all the Native American names) and the far west stumped me. Oh, as did the counties southeast/west of Fayetteville.

RonB said...

Not sure how I got lucky, but I missed out on the "test". I moved out of state after 5th grade, and moved back half way through 8th.

I don't know if they did that by the time I got back, or if Mr. Brown at Manteo Middle School didn't play by the state's rules.

Every time we go to the state fair, we end up stopping by a booth of the counties and try to locate them on a map on the computer. I usually get enough 10-15, but then end up guessing.

I don't know how many I could name, but I like the pedestrian mall north of the Capitol near the NC History museum that has all the counties listed on there.

Chris Ragone said...

I got 38, Leigh got 36. However, neither of us had to learn it in school.

M. Lail said...

C&L: I'd say that's pretty good since you didn't have to learn them.