Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The moon is up, but the sun has not quite set on 'One Tree Hill'

Fans of The CW's "One Tree Hill" (and I count myself among the many now -- see below) can rejoice: the show will get a seventh season.

“If that’s true, then I’m very excited,” Matthew Sullivan, a “One Tree Hill” set decorator, told the Wilmington Star-News.

Wilmington Regional Film Commission director Johnny Griffin said he had seen the rumors online but had not been officially informed. He said the formal announcement is good news for the 125 or so local crew members who are still working on season six.

“These folks can end this season already knowing they have a job,” he said.

Fans, meanwhile, want to know how many of their favorite actors will keep their jobs. The Internet has been abuzz lately with rumors that some of the core cast members, whose contracts expire after season six, would not be back.

CW publicist Jeff Tobler said Tuesday he had no information about whether all the regular cast members had re-signed for a seventh season.

“One Tree Hill” has filmed in Wilmington since 2003. The CW’s order for a 22-episode seventh season will give the drama 152 episodes in total. That makes it the longest-running project to be filmed in the Port City, surpassing “Dawson’s Creek” by 24 episodes.

I've often been one to make fun of the show, thinking that it's just your typical teen drama. Well, it is. But of late, I have come to see the light regarding "OTH." I'm a late-bloomer, having caught up through just Season Five -- the "skip-ahead four years" season. That device was brilliant, in my opinion. Instead of having the same cast of characters just happen to wind up at the same college, we start to go back and see what led them all back to quaint Tree Hill, N.C. Yes, it's contrived, but it's less degrading to the viewer than some shows have done. (How did David Silver just happen to graduate from West Beverly with everyone else?)

The writing on "One Tree Hill" is much better than some other like-dramas. And it's always fun to pick out the Wilmington-area landmarks.

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