Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick hits: Bad news for Myrtle Beach bikers, the anti-smoking campaign and people who like water

Myrtle Beach declares no more Bike Weeks
"The city of Myrtle Beach and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce have launched Web and print information letting visitors know that from the city's perspective, the May motorcycle rallies are over," says the Sun News.

" launched last week, and brochures are available for distribution primarily through local hotels.

" 'We have new laws, and we'd rather not surprise visitors,' city spokesman Mark Kruea said. 'We'd rather they have some idea of what to expect when they come here.' ..."

Bad grade for N.C. on smoking
"When the legislative session starts at the end of the month, health advocates will have a new way to prod lawmakers to raise cigarette taxes and expand smoking bans," says the News & Observer.

"North Carolina received failing grades in a new report card by the American Lung Association that surveyed state laws and spending on anti-smoking initiatives. ...

"With the state facing a budget crisis, anti-smoking advocates say it is again time to seriously consider increasing the cigarette tax because it raises money and reduces smoking. ..."

Drought enters third year
"While 2009 got off to a wet start with several inches of rain and flash flooding, Western North Carolina remains in a serious drought that is entering its third year," says the Citizen-Times in Asheville.

" 'This drought has been pretty significant for its longevity. We have limited records with good data from WNC only, but we can't find another three-year record like this,' said the state climatologist Ryan Boyles.

"Only 28.64 inches of rain fell on downtown Asheville last year, making 2008 the sixth driest year on record going back to 1902, according to the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville. The previous year, 2007, ranked third driest with 23.53, behind 1988 and 1925.

"But adding up the shortfall in rain for the past two years marks this drought as the worst for WNC in more than a century, said Richard Heim of NCDC. Averaging rainfall of all the mountain counties showed last year as the 10th driest on record, while 2008 was the second driest since 1895. The driest year on record is 1988. ..."

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James C. said...

It's sad that I see "1988" and think, man, State was playing some good basketball back in '88.