Tuesday, January 06, 2009

North Carolina basketball report

Game of the Week: Davidson at Duke, Wednesday at 7 p.m. Everybody’s All-American Stephen Curry (29.2 points, 7.0 assists) comes to Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Game of the Week II: UNC at Wake Forest, Sunday at 8 p.m.
The Demon Deacons are ranked fourth in the Associated Press poll but just 31st in the RPI. They have played the 217th toughest schedule, with wins over N.C. Central, UNC Wilmington, Winston-Salem State, Cal State Fullerton, UTEP, Baylor, Indiana, Bucknell, Wright State, Richmond, East Carolina, Radford and BYU.

Rankings (results through Monday’s games)
RPI rankings, team (overall record, record vs. North Carolina teams)

2. Duke (12-1, 1-0)
beat UNC Asheville

The Greg Paulus Experience is over. Paulus, who turned down the quarterback job at Notre Dame to play basketball at Duke, has started just one game this season.

11. North Carolina (12-1, 1-0)
beat UNC Asheville

Insert Tyler Hansbrough comment — good or bad — here.

22. Davidson (9-2, 1-0)
beat N.C. State

Curry’s shooting percentages are down, but he’s averaging three more points and four more assists than last season.

31. Wake Forest (13-0, 4-0)
beat N.C. Central, UNC Wilmington, Winston-Salem State,
East Carolina

There are only four North Carolina teams in the top 100. The new Big Four, I guess.

133. N.C. State (9-3, 4-1)
beat High Point, UNC Greensboro, Winston-Salem State, East Carolina
lost to Davidson

140. UNC Asheville (3-8, 1-3)
beat Western Carolina
lost to Campbell, North Carolina, Duke

148. East Carolina (5-5, 3-2)
beat Campbell, UNC Wilmington, UNC Greensboro
lost to N.C. State, Wake Forest

166. Western Carolina (4-5, 0-2)
lost to Gardner-Webb, UNC Asheville

170. Gardner-Webb (2-8, 1-0)
beat Western Carolina

182. UNC Charlotte (5-7, 1-1)
beat UNC Greensboro
lost to Appalachian State

198. Appalachian State (4-5, 2-1)
beat UNC Charlotte, Campbell
lost UNC Wilmington

209. Elon (2-5, 0-0)

214. N.C. A&T (3-8, 0-0)

239. Winston-Salem State (2-8, 1-2)
beat N.C. Central
lost to Wake Forest, N.C. State

290. UNC Wilmington (3-11, 2-2)
beat Appalachian State, N.C. Central,
lost to Wake Forest, East Carolina

322. Campbell (2-8, 1-2)
beat UNC Asheville,
lost to East Carolina, Appalachian State

332. N.C. Central (0-16, 0-4)
lost to Wake Forest, UNC Wilmington, High Point,
Winston-Salem State

335. UNC Greensboro (0-10, 0-3)
lost to UNC Charlotte, N.C. State, East Carolina

338. High Point (1-9, 1-1)
beat N.C. Central
lost to N.C. State


M. Lail said...

What does it say about HP that it can beat an 0-16 NCCU team but STILL be last in the state?

Kevin Brewer said...

They still got furniture.

James C. said...

High Point smack talk...I love it.

M. Lail said...

Is there any other kind of smack talk?

Kevin Brewer said...

Take that, you wingback charir.