Friday, December 05, 2008

Winston and Salem's baseball team no longer the Warthogs

Winston-Salem still has a minor league baseball team, but they are no longer the Warthogs.

Instead, the team will be known as the "Dash," a "nod to the hyphen between 'Winston' and 'Salem' and the city's history," says the Journal.

"The team unveiled the new name -- and the new logo, uniforms, colors and mascot -- at a midday party yesterday at the Millennium Center downtown."

(Warning: This part coming up does not sound promising. ...)

"The team's mascot is a yet-to-be-named red furry animal, a cartoonish cross between a bear and a dog with a mohawk and lightning bolts over its ears."

The team's owners and managers collected more than 3,000 submissions for the new team nickname, then narrowed those to five. The team eliminated the four others -- Rhinos, Aviators, Wallbangers and Racers -- after talking with corporate sponsors and season-ticket holders, Kevin Terry, the team's president, said.

"A lot of people leaned toward the Dash," Terry said. "You can't have Winston-Salem without the dash, and then it ties into baseball because you can dash around the bases and an outfielder can dash after a ball."

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