Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hard Rock Park unlikely to open in '09, 2010 a possibility

Just a short drive from N.C. is Myrtle Beach, aka, the "Redneck Riviera." It's a popular spot for North Carolinians; let's face it, there's more "to do" in Myrtle Beach than in any of our state's beach destinations.

One thing that can be scratched off the "to do" list in MB - at least for the very near future - is Hard Rock Park.

"The auction of the $400 million Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach is under way, but even if a buyer is identified this week, it is doubtful the park will be able to reopen next year, the state's tourism chief said.

"The 55-acre park, which opened in April, is being sold as part of the bankruptcy case of its owner, RPH Myrtle Beach Holdings LLC," says the Associated Press.

"Chad Prosser, director of South Carolina's Parks Recreation and Tourism Department, said Monday he thinks the $35 million minimum bid for the park may be a stumbling block for potential buyers.

"The winning bidder would have to spend a lot of money to get the park up and running and to market it, Prosser said. And that also would take time, even if a buyer comes out of this week's auction.

" 'At this point, I think it would be difficult to open in 2009,' Prosser said. 'I think it's more likely 2010.' ..."

Have no fear, beachgoers. There's still plenty of good restaurants and golf in Myrtle Beach, not to mention Eagles, Wings and the poor man's Hooters.

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AE Jimmy said...

Don't forget The Masters!