Wednesday, October 08, 2008

One of life's little pleasures: 'Coke' in a glass bottle

I know it's almost heresy to proclaim an allegiance to Coca-Cola when you were born and raised in the state that gave the world both Pepsi and Cheerwine. But there are few better, simple joys in life than a cold "Colcola" in a glass bottle.

But I should note that perhaps part of my love of this drink is because of nostalgia. I can remember going on Saturday mornings with my father to the local barber shop for a haircut. There, in the corner, was an old Coke drink machine, serving out only bottled goodness. They even had Mello Yello in a (green?) bottle. Even the sometimes-incidental knocking of the front teeth against the top of the bottle was worth it.

Even my wife, who is not a fan of sodas, let alone caffeinated ones, agreed the other night that "sometimes there's just nothing better" than a bottle of Coke.

There. I said it. Please don't revoke my Old North State passport. At least Coke is Southern.

(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)


James C. said...

When you said "Coke" and "nostalgia," I thought you were going to reminisce about the good ol' days when cocaine was a chief ingredient.

You crack head, you.

Kevin Brewer said...

For some reason, I remember reading that the South was often Coke country. But that could mean outside of North Carolina and South Carolina.

I like Coke in a bottle, even though I really don't like Coke. There is probably something to the theory that it tastes different, but I don't know the science behind it.

My family was definitely a Pepsi and tea family. I drank so much caffience as a child. One of my great uncles bought Pepsi by the truckload.

I am drinking Cheerwine right now.

atlas said...

Sundrop is still about the only soda I buy.