Thursday, October 16, 2008

A little N.C. flavor in Copenhagen

"There is a distinctively North Carolina flavor at the American ambassador's home in the Danish capital," writes the Winston-Salem Journal.

"Paintings by artists from the state adorn the walls of 'Rydhave,' a house noted for its beauty and history. And business leaders from North Carolina who recently visited found the state flag flying outside and a meal of barbecue, biscuits and pecan pie imported from the Tarheel state.

"The decor and dishes reflect the heritage of Jim Cain, who grew up in Winston-Salem and uses his home-state's heritage to put the best face on American foreign diplomacy."

Read on for more about Cain, who has worked in Raleigh as an attorney, businessman and even president of the Carolina Hurricanes. (Cain even once used the same Raleigh barber as one certain blogger. Ahem.)

"Public attitudes toward the U.S. have worsened throughout Western Europe since the onset of the Iraq War," said Pete Furia, a professor of political science at Wake Forest University.

"However, official relations between the U.S. and Denmark over the same period have been warmer than those between the U.S. and larger European countries like Germany and France."

Cain has "encouraged Danes to visit his home state," says the paper.

"He helped Danish students spend time in both North Carolina and Winston-Salem through various exchange programs during the past three years. He also came to Winston-Salem with the Danish ambassador to the United States, Friis Petersen, in 2006 to speak to law students at Wake Forest."


James C. said...

I instantly thought "dip" when I saw this title. Of course there's NC flavor in's made with NC tobacco!

M. Lail said...

Yeah, I kinda sorta intended for it to be taken that way. Snicker.

James C. said...

Is N.C. tobacco in Snickers, too? No wonder they taste so good!

M. Lail said...

and Moon Pies. Don't forget Moon Pies.