Thursday, October 09, 2008

Autumn colors are on the way

Want to get a head start on seeing the most spectacular fall colors? Then head up the mountains, says the Asheville Citizen-Times' Dale Neal.

"Go high for the best bet at seeing spectacular fall colors over the next week or so," he says.

"With recent rains and a cooling trend, the highest peaks around Western North Carolina could see colorful fall foliage starting this week, said Gary Walker, a biology professor at Appalachian State University.

"Temperature, rainfall, the length of the nights and elevation all factor into the formula of where to expect the best color. ...

"Grandfather Mountain may be nearing its peak color this weekend, with about half the trees above 5,000 feet already turned, park naturalist Jesse Pope said. 'All the maples are in full color and many of the oaks have changed. I think this weekend will be really nice, but we should have good color next weekend and two weeks out.' ..."

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M. Lail said...

The Charlotte Observer has a fall color slideshow on its website.