Friday, September 19, 2008

UNC Charlotte to (possibly) add football

Just what North Carolina needs: another Division I football program.

UNC Charlotte will add football to its athletics department IF boosters ante up, says the school's chancellor.

UNCC Chancellor Phil Dubois "recommended Thursday the school field a football team by 2013, but with one lofty condition to measure support: Fans need to raise $5million in six months to help build a $45.3 million stadium complex. The clock would start running if trustees approve Dubois' proposal at their November meeting," writes the Observer.

"Dubois announced his decision to the school's 13 trustees, suggesting the $5 million be raised by selling 5,000 personal seat licenses – much like the ones the Carolina Panthers sold to build Bank of America Stadium.

"The licenses – Dubois called them 'Forty-Niner Seat Licenses' – would sell for $1,000 each, just for the right to buy season tickets.

" 'The cold stark financial reality we face is that those who say they want football are going to have to help pay for football,' Dubois told trustees. 'We need to see support demonstrated now.' ..."

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