Friday, September 26, 2008

Third largest sound stage in the world to be in Wilmington

"EUE/Screen Gems Studios officially broke ground Thursday on Stage 10, what will become the third largest movie sound stage in the world," says the Wilmington Star-News.

"State and local government officials joined studio executives, members of the film council and others at the North 23rd Street film studios in Wilmington for the occasion. Because of inclement weather, a box of sand inside another sound stage stood-in for the studio’s back lot. It was, perhaps, Stage 10’s first involvement in movie magic.

" 'Now we can do the larger films and the economic benefits in Wilmington will be significant,' said Chris Cooney, president of EUE/Screen Gems Ltd., which owns the studios in Wilmington and in New York.

"Cooney said there had been occasions when filmmakers wanted to shoot in Wilmington but needed a stage larger than the 7,200 to 20,000 square foot facilities here.

"Stage 10 will be 37,500 square feet in area and will have no columns to get in the way of camera operators. It will also house a 50 X 50 X 10.6-foot deep indoor water tank which can be used for underwater filming. ..."

As Borat would say: "Very nice."

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