Friday, August 22, 2008

Unique to North Carolina

Today I finally spotted a U-Haul vehicle with a North Carolina-themed mural on its side. (It seems odd that this is the first time I've seen one; all the others have been for other states. I assume that's U-Haul's marketing plan: "Wow! There are sea turtles in South Dakota! I think I'll move there. Heck, I'll even use U-Haul!")

From a distance, I first spotted what looked like a Venus Fly Trap. I didn't have my eye glasses on, so I mumbled to myself, "that had better be North Carolina" -- after all Venus Fly Traps are native to (and almost totally found in) the Old North State.

It was.

(U-Haul's other N.C. mural is a Wright Brothers-themed one, which you can view here.)

Thinking about the Venus Fly Trap got me thinking about other things, people, places that are unique to North Carolina or are mostly found here.

Some suggestions?
-Calabash seafood
-Lexington barbecue
-Eastern-style barbecue

I'm sure there are more suggestions, but it's Friday, and I can think of no more. Any others?


M. Lail said...

I forgot another one: The white squirrels of Brevard!

Kelly said...

Shagging!! (As in the beach music dance of course.) Well, it's unique to NC and SC I guess. I never realized just how so this was until we visited a beach music bar on Tybee Island (near Savannah, GA) frequented by locals and no one there was doing anything close to shagging on the dance BEACH MUSIC no less!

M. Lail said...

Yes! Chicken Hicks (from Carolina Beach, NC) is credited with creating the shag.