Thursday, August 14, 2008

Carolinas leading the way in Hispanic growth

The economies in North and South Carolina may be slowing down, but the population growth of Latinos is not.

"New Census data show South Carolina's Latino population ranked first among states in per capita growth from 2006 to 2007. North Carolina was third, with Tennessee between them," says the Charlotte Observer.

"The new arrivals come not only from Mexico, Central and South America, but also New York, New Jersey and California, where U.S. economic problems have taken a greater toll, immigrants and advocates say. Latinos continue to see the Carolinas as having more jobs, cheaper housing and a better climate. ...

"It's all about the jobs, says Angeles Ortega-Moore, executive director of the Latin American Coalition in Charlotte.

" 'The moment companies in Charlotte, or in any place, stop hiring undocumented people, that's the moment we will actually start seeing the decline,' she said. 'Enforcement is something people are willing to risk in order to provide for their families.' ...

"The Census says 633,488 Latinos lived in North Carolina in 2007, nearly an 8 percent increase from the year before. South Carolina had 168,000, up 8.73percent. Many experts believe the actual numbers are much higher. Nationwide, the Hispanic population is projected to nearly triple, from 46.7 million to 132.8 million by 2050 and nearly 1 in 3 U.S. residents would be Hispanic."

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