Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quick hits: Bobcats should stick around a while. Young smokers? Maybe not

Contract binds Bobcats to Charlotte
"Bob Johnson may be disappointed by Charlotte's lukewarm reception to his basketball team, but the Bobcats and the city appear stuck with each other for some time," says the Charlotte Observer.

"Johnson complained this week that Charlotte's corporate community isn't buying enough of his most expensive club seats and suites, and that he's losing money on the four-year-old NBA team.

"But Johnson, the team's majority owner, said he won't sell or move the team -- and acknowledged that his arena deal with the city makes leaving virtually impossible.

"Details of the controversial arena contract suggest that Johnson received one of the best deals in the NBA, but he also is anchored to Charlotte for years. ..."

N.C. teen smoking rates hit all-time low
"Teen smoking rates in the Tar Heel State are at all-time lows. Recently released results from the 2007 North Carolina Youth Tobacco Survey show smoking among middle school and high school students is down significantly since 2003," says News 14 Carolina.

"... It is a movement that is spreading across the state. According to survey figures, the number of teen smokers in North Carolina has dropped by 34,000 in the last four years.

"More than 7,500 middle school and high school students took part in this year's survey. They came from 191 schools from more than 70 school districts across the state. ..."

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