Wednesday, April 30, 2008

N.C. Symphony to travel to smaller communities

I remember in I believe third grade cramming the entire elementary school enrollment into a musty, humid gymnasium in Harnett County to hear the N.C. Symphony perform. Although the experience didn't turn me into a young classical music fan, I obviously remembered the event. (Of course, it was an "assembly," which meant time away from class.)

Now the N.C. Symphony, which reportedly visits 30-40 counties in the state a year, is looking to bring their music to the more rural and remote areas of the state.

"The new project will send soloists and small ensembles to local community colleges and public schools to offer performance and instruction, depending on how interested people there are," says the News & Observer.

"The initiative, which [was] publicly announced Wednesday, is a partnership between the symphony and the state's community colleges. It will be paid for with about $170,000 in U.S. Department of Education money, which is expected to cover costs for one year. ...

"The symphony hopes that new pockets of classical music fans might be unearthed in areas that have not had large enough audiences to support performances of the full 69-member orchestra, and also new benefactors might step forward to make those concerts possible. ..."

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