Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quick hits: State dog does well and State to build plug-in cars

State dog hits the big time
"With nary a wild boar in sight, the sturdy Plott hound pranced beneath the New York City lights this week, its first appearance in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show," writes the News & Observer.

"The state dog of North Carolina, the Plott hound has a long history here, as the breed originated in the mountains in the 1750s. Named after the brothers who bred them, the Plott was designed for hunting boar and bear.

"But the country's largest dog registry, the American Kennel Club, did not add the breed to its rolls until 1998, said AKC spokeswoman Lisa Peterson. It took until 2007 for the breed to meet the AKC's criteria to be fully recognized. As part of the process, the breed needed 300 registered dogs with a three-generation U.S. pedigree. ..."

NCSU to house plug-in hybrid car program
"North Carolina State University will soon be home to a technology program aimed at advancing the use of plug-in hybrid vehicles," according to

"Gov. Mike Easley announced the creation of the Advanced Transportation Energy Center on Tuesday. University officials will partner with Duke Energy Corp. and Progress Energy Corp., and Easley said General Motors Corp. may also join the program.

"Easley said the program will focus on developing better batteries and lighter vehicles so that cars can run only on electricity. Duke and Progress will help develop a grid so that people can plug in their cars while away from home. ..."

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