Tuesday, February 26, 2008

North Carolina basketball report

Rankings (results through Sunday’s games)
RPI rankings, team (overall record, record vs. North Carolina teams)

3. North Carolina (26-2, 5-1)
Last week: 4
beat Davidson, UNC Asheville, N.C. State (2), Wake Forest
lost to Duke

A mea culpa followed by some self-promotion:

I lost my notes on Tyler Hansbrough, both on his play during the UNC-N.C. State game and how it was received by Mike Patrick and Jay Bilas. The dog ate my homework, and I’ll try to do better next time.

At The Washington Times, Patrick Stevens, our ACC basketball beat writer, and I are selecting the best players from each era of ACC basketball. First up is 1954-64.

Hansbrough: eighth in the country in points (23.4)

4. Duke (23-3, 4-1)
Last week: 3
beat N.C. Central, Davidson, N.C. State, North Carolina
lost to Wake Forest

Duke followed its first ACC loss of the season with another.

61. Davidson (20-6, 8-4)
Last week: 66
beat N.C. Central, Appalachian State, Western Carolina (2), Elon (2), UNC Greensboro (2)
lost to North Carolina, Duke, UNC Charlotte, N.C. State

Davidson, undefeated in the Southern Conference, moved ahead of State and Wake Forest this week, but the state of basketball in North Carolina isn’t good if the No. 3 team is 61st in the RPI rankings.

Stephen Curry: fifth in points (25.3), ninth in free throw percentage (.900)

Jason Richards: first in assists (8.0)

62. Wake Forest (16-9, 3-3)
Last week: 61
beat N.C. Central, Winston-Salem State, Duke
lost to UNC Charlotte, N.C. State, North Carolina

74. N.C. State (15-12, 4-4)
Last week: 60
beat Davidson, Western Carolina, N.C. Central, Wake Forest
lost to East Carolina, North Carolina (2), Duke

Technician, State’s student newspaper, did not produce a spoof of North Carolina’s student newspaper — a long-standing tradition on the date of the State-UNC basketball game in Raleigh.

As sports editor at Technician in 1993-94, let me make my feelings clear on this: It’s lame.

99. UNC Charlotte (15-11, 5-0)
Last week: 94
beat High Point, Appalachian State, Wake Forest, Davidson,

143. UNC Wilmington (18-11, 2-1)
Last week: 140
beat N.C. Central, East Carolina
lost to UNC Greensboro

Vladimir Kulianin: second in field goal percentage (.667)

151. UNC Greensboro (15-11, 5-3)
Last week: 159
beat UNC Wilmington, Elon (2), Appalachian State, Western Carolina
lost to Appalachian State, Davidson (2)

154. UNC Asheville (15-8, 4-2)
Last week: 131
beat Campbell (2), Western Carolina, High Point
lost to North Carolina, High Point

Kenny George: first in field goal percentage (.706), fifth in blocks (3.95)

158. Appalachian State (16-11, 4-4)
Last week: 143
beat Campbell, UNC Greensboro, Elon, Western Carolina
lost to Charlotte, Davidson, Elon, UNC Greensboro

207. Gardner-Webb (14-13, 2-2)
Last week: 222
beat High Point, Campbell
lost to UNC Charlotte, Campbell

Thomas Sanders: eighth in rebounds (11.0)

223. N.C. A&T (9-13, 1-1)
Last week: 186
beat Winston-Salem State
lost to Winston-Salem State

244. Elon (10-16, 2-6)
Last week: 239
beat Western Carolina, Appalachian State
lost to Davidson (2), UNC Greensboro (2), Western Carolina, Appalachian State

249. High Point (10-13, 1-3)
Last week: 232
beat UNC Asheville
lost to Charlotte, Gardner-Webb, UNC Asheville

Arizona Reid: eighth in points (23.1)

Mike Jefferson: third in assists (7.1)

262. East Carolina (6-16, 2-1)
Last week: 258
beat N.C. State, N.C. Central
lost to UNC Wilmington

294. Western Carolina (8-18, 2-7)
Last week: 283
beat N.C. Central, Elon
lost to UNC Asheville, Elon, N.C. State, Davidson (2),
Appalachian State, UNC Greensboro

295. N.C. Central (2-23, 0-7)
Last week: 284
lost to Duke, Wake Forest, Davidson, Western Carolina,
UNC Wilmington, East Carolina, N.C. State

311. Winston-Salem State (8-15, 1-2)
Last week: 316
beat N.C. A&T
lost to Wake Forest, N.C. A&T

315. Campbell (9-16, 1-4)
Last week: 307
beat Gardner-Webb
lost to UNC Asheville (2), Appalachian State, Gardner-Webb

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M. Lail said...

With all due respect to Davidson (who I think is a good team), it's sad when they're the third best team in the state. Ugh.

Oh, and Technician not doing a spoof is more than just lame. It's a travesty.