Monday, February 11, 2008

North Carolina basketball report

Rankings (results through Sunday’s games)
RPI rankings, team (overall record, record vs. North Carolina teams)

2. Duke (21-1, 4-0)
beat N.C. Central, Davidson, N.C. State, North Carolina

Mike Krzyzewski has 796 wins, 106 short of Bob Knight’s record of 902. Krzyzewski is due to break his mentor’s mark sometime in January 2012.

But during an interview with ESPN’s Jay Bilas last week, Knight made it clear that while he had resigned from Texas Tech, he has not retired.

3. North Carolina (22-2, 3-1)
beat Davidson, UNC Asheville, N.C. State
lost to Duke

Here’s the deal with Tyler Hansbrough and Roy Williams: If Hansbrough, a mouth-breather from Poplar Bluff, Mo. (pop. 17,000) who is two years older than the other players in his class, and Williams, a lunatic on the sidelines who peppers his speech with such homespun phrases as “dadgummit” and “frickin,” were at N.C. State, they would derided as stereotypical in-bred hicks.

At Carolina, it’s considered cute. Hansbrough is a gritty, gutty player. He’s Psycho T! Williams is a discipline of Dean, born and bred right here in North Carolina, coaching the public school of record in his home state. Isn’t it cute?

Not really.

47. N.C. State (15-8, 4-3)
beat Davidson, Western Carolina, N.C. Central, Wake Forest
lost to East Carolina, North Carolina, Duke

Cardiac Pack, anyone?

State has won or lost four ACC games by a total of 10 points, beating Miami by two, Florida State by three, Wake Forest by two and giving one away to Georgia Tech by three points.

64. Davidson (16-6, 6-4)
beat N.C. Central, Appalachian State, Western Carolina (2), Elon (2)
lost to North Carolina, Duke, Charlotte, N.C. State

Stephen Curry is fifth in the country in points (25.0), and Jason Richards leads the nation in assists (8.1)

89. UNC Charlotte (14-8, 5-0)
beat High Point, Appalachian State, Wake Forest, Davidson,

90. UNC Asheville (14-5, 4-1)
beat Campbell (2), Western Carolina, High Point
lost to North Carolina

At 7 feet, 7 inches, Kenny George is the tallest player in the country, and he’s learning to live with his size.

George ranks second in the country in field goal percentage (.708) and third in blocks (4.42).

94. Wake Forest (14-8, 2-2)
beat N.C. Central, Winston-Salem State
lost to UNC Charlotte, N.C. State

126. Appalachian State (14-8, 4-2)
beat Campbell, UNC Greensboro, Elon, Western Carolina
lost to Charlotte, Davidson

164. UNC Wilmington (15-10, 2-1)
beat N.C. Central, East Carolina
lost to UNC Greensboro

168. UNC Greensboro (13-9, 3-1)
beat UNC Wilmington, Elon (2)
lost to Appalachian State

175. N.C. A&T (8-10, 1-0)
beat Winston-Salem State

229. High Point (9-10, 0-3)
lost to Charlotte, Gardner-Webb, UNC Asheville

Mike Jefferson is second in the country in assists (7.3), and Arizona Reid is fourth in rebounding (11.2).

230. Gardner-Webb (11-13, 1-2)
beat High Point
lost to UNC Charlotte, Campbell

237. East Carolina (6-12, 2-1)
beat N.C. State, N.C. Central
lost to UNC Wilmington

251. Elon (7-14, 1-6)
beat Western Carolina
lost to Davidson (2), UNC Greensboro (2), Western Carolina, Appalachian State

276. N.C. Central (2-21, 0-7)
lost to Duke, Wake Forest, Davidson, Western Carolina,
UNC Wilmington, East Carolina, N.C. State

286. Campbell (9-13, 1-3)
beat Gardner-Webb
lost to UNC Asheville (2), Appalachian State

278. Western Carolina (6-16, 2-6)
beat N.C. Central, Elon
lost to UNC Asheville, Elon, N.C. State, Davidson (2),
Appalachian State

322. Winston-Salem State (6-12, 0-1)
lost to Wake Forest, N.C. A&T


The Hawks Never Die said...

Not a fan of Ole Roy, huh? I guess two decades of watching him often get outcoached in big games provides some justification to that opinion.

Anonymous said...

This series always cracks me up. You never fail to deliver, KBrew!

It was pretty remarkable watching Roy's coaching strategy change in last night's "gutsy" comeback against Clemson. I mean, he was somehow able to get his guys to the free-throw so much more than Clemson's, despite the fact that Clemson stayed aggressive the entire game and Carolina got back into the game thanks to some good outside shooting (which, you know, always results in "and-one" situations.) Remarkable coaching by the Hound.

James Curle said...

I'm in KBrew's posse.

TacoBellManager said...

Anyone else catch FSN's knob-slobbing? I had a friend from Stanford email me to ask "What the hell is this 'Carolina Way' bullshit they keep talking about?"

I told him it has something to do, usually, with being embarrassingly overrated while making sure you have one or two injuries handy (Steve Hale, Dante Calabria, this year) for scapegoating, so when something really embarrassing happens (1984, 1989, 1995) there's a convenient excuse handy.

It also means hoisting every conceivable piece of laundry into your rafters, including a banner that reads "NCAA TOURNAMENT PARTICIPANTS" when you shit the bed to Weber State.

I could go on.

I hope this leaves Clempson's psyche good and shattered enough for a four-star ass-whooping at the Murphy Family Swine Palace Complex. I'm pissed Clemson deprived us of a Great Moment in State Basketball History.