Wednesday, January 23, 2008

North Carolina basketball report

Rankings (results through Tuesday’s games)
RPI rankings, team (overall record, record vs. North Carolina teams)

4. North Carolina (18-1, 3-0)
beat Davidson, UNC Asheville, N.C. State

Tyler Hansbrough, who is 22 years old, was born in 1985. Other players born in 1985: Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Al Jefferson, Josh Smith.

6. Duke (15-1, 2-0)
beat N.C. Central, Davidson

Mike Krzyzewski, with no player taller than 6-foot-8 averaging more than 15 minutes, is using the Phoenix Suns’ fun-and-gun offense. One of Krzyzewski’s assistants with USA Basketball: Suns coach Mike D’Antoni.

36. N.C. State (12-5, 3-2)
beat Davidson, Western Carolina, N.C. Central
lost to East Carolina, North Carolina

Les Robinson fact: Robinson was 5-7 against North Carolina, his second-best record against any ACC school. He was 6-7 vs. Clemson.

69. Wake Forest (12-6, 2-1)
beat N.C. Central, Winston-Salem State
lost to UNC Charlotte

79. UNC Asheville (10-4, 4-1)
beat Campbell (2), Western Carolina, High Point
lost to North Carolina

83. UNC Charlotte (11-6, 5-0)
beat High Point, Appalachian State, Wake Forest, Davidson, Gardner-Webb

92. Appalachian State (10-6, 2-2)
beat Campbell, UNC Greensboro
lost to Charlotte, Davidson

99. Davidson (10-6, 5-4)
beat N.C. Central, Appalachian State, Western Carolina (2), Elon
lost to North Carolina, Duke, Charlotte, N.C. State

126. UNC Greensboro (10-6, 2-1)
beat UNC Wilmington, Elon
lost to Appalachian State

149. N.C. A&T (4-9, 0-0)

182. UNC Wilmington (11-8, 2-1)
beat N.C. Central, East Carolina
lost to UNC Greensboro

198. East Carolina (5-8, 2-1)
beat N.C. State, N.C. Central
lost to UNC Wilmington

246. High Point (5-8, 0-3)
lost to Charlotte, Gardner-Webb, UNC Asheville

252. Gardner-Webb (7-11, 1-2)
beat High Point
lost to UNC Charlotte, Campbell

258. Elon (6-10, 1-2)
beat Western Carolina
lost to Davidson, UNC Greensboro

276. Campbell (7-9, 1-4)
beat Gardner-Webb
lost to UNC Asheville (2), Appalachian State

310. N.C. Central (1-21, 0-7)
lost to Duke, Wake Forest, Davidson, Western Carolina, UNC Wilmington, East Carolina, N.C. State

313. Western Carolina (4-12, 1-5)
beat N.C. Central
lost to UNC Asheville, Elon, N.C. State, Davidson

317. Winston-Salem State (5-9, 0-1)
lost to Wake Forest


M. Lail said...

Kevin, thanks for bringing this feature back!!

I have to disagree with you on Davidson; I know they've lost to a number of in-state teams, but I've got to think they're higher.

M. Lail said...

(And, yes, I realize the rankings are based on RPI ratings)

James Curle said...

Tyler is older than some of Roy's assistants. And, he has big googly eyes.

There, there's my insightful basketball commentary. It's neither true, nor mature.

M. Lail said...

He's also a mouth breather.
I said it.

Kevin Brewer said...

I will have further comments on Hansbrough.

I'm not sure why Davidson is that low. The Charlotte loss is not a good one. Neither is its loss to Western Michigan. State isn't a good loss either.

Losses to Duke, UNC and UCLA only helped them, I would guess.

It's probably the fact that they don't have any quality wins.